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The future of ItemsAdder

· 3 min read


ItemsAdder is my most successful product. It's a plugin for Spigot servers which allows admins to extend the game without modding the client.

First days

The plugin was published initially on 2016 and was called NewItems, it was one of my very first Java projects and I was a newbie on Spigot development.
I abandoned the old project after a year or so due to personal life, but then I picked it back up and started working on the very new version which ended up begin renamed ItemsAdder. As you know this version has more features, has a totally different structure and allows to achieve extreme customization of the game.

Current days

I didn't expect this much fame for that single product, the max peak of servers which use ItemsAdder amounts to 1097 max online servers and 3800 max players enjoying the plugin.
ItemsAdder is in the top 3 of the best voted paid Spigot plugins to this date, which is unbelievable, a plugin published in 2019 managed to reach the top 3 in 2 years while the forum itself is online since 2012.

Currently my main efforts are to maintain the most stable and optimized code as possible because this plugin is used on servers with more than 100 players connected, performance is a priority in these cases.

The most difficult task is to give support to customers because a lot of them find it easier to contact me without reading the official tutorials nor asking to the other community members and this sadly cuts a lot of the development time. I'd love to spend more time on actually coding the plugin.
Sadly most of them blackmail me with 1 star reviews which is making this situation really hard to maintain in the long term.

The future

Back in the day I rushed a lot of ItemsAdder features initial planning, this resulted in non-balanced default stats and gameplay, this is why I'm currently working with some friends to rebalance the default items pack and provide a better gameplay.
This is a very long task due to the fact that this plugin offers more than 500 default items/materials/blocks but I'll do my best to release an updated pack before mid 2022.
I also plan to hook into the Minecraft gameplay itself and fix all the unbalanced features of the vanilla gameplay. Sadly this game has a lot of flaws which allow users to speedrun it in no time.

One of the last important tasks I have scheduled is to find a proper way to avoid spamming customers which are contacting me everyday to ask basic questions. Right now I have no solution as this is the problem every developer has with this community.