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โšก Optimize Minecraft client

ยท One min read

Minecraft is slow


Minecraft is known to be very heavy, the community had fixed most of its problems.
My plugins don't require this mod. This is an optional tutorial for who wants to optimize their game, because it is slow.

1. Downloading Fabric

First you have to download Fabric and install it.
Click on the "Download installer" button:

2. Edit the profile folder (optional step)

Click on "installations", then press on "edit" under the "Fabric" installation.

Change the folder to a new one, for example I created a new profile folder called Fabric inside .minecraft.

3. Install the optimization mod

Download the mod here.


Select your version and make sure to download the "MultiMC" type.

Open the zip and extract the folders mods and config inside your .minecraft folder (or inside the Fabric profile folder).

4. Run Fabric